Jim Jesus Now Has POGs!


Whoa! Dude! This is totally extreme! Jim Jesus POGs?! NO WAY!

There's two different ways you can get POGs from me.


OK, so you don't have a lot of money but you could really use a few POGs for your collection. That or you're horrible at the game and don't want to feel like you just spent a bunch of money on some cool collector caps only to have that asshole Mark "The Shark" Robbenson kid take them from you in a game with his slammer that probably isn't even a regulation slammer. Here's what you do!

Send a Self Adressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to:
Once I get set back up with a new PO Box I will update this.

Then Jim will shoot you 3 free POGs while supplies last! You'll get a 90's Jim Jesus logo POG, a Mephi avatar POG, and a The Lolberts Podcast Logo POG. I don't know how international SASE work or if they even can work for people outside the United States. Please check with your local Post Office for more information.

I want the cool set!


So you want the collector card so you can have it for the ages or as a POG Fuck You fund in case you lose your stash in your school's underground POG tournament. For just $7 and $3 for US Shipping and handeling ($10 total in case you're bad at math.) Add 5 for international shipping (that's $15 bad, math people.) You can send those monies via Paypal to paypal.me/jimjesus and then shoot me an e-mail with an address to send them to and they'll be on their way. You'll get not only the 3 free pogs but this beautiful collector set. I'll sign them if you really want. I don't know why you would but I can. Just specify what you want. You can also contact me at lolbertjim@aol.com

Coming soon to SNES and Sega Genesis!*

*not really though